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Introducing our 2010 Vintage

Our wines are handcrafted, limited production wines, aged 20+ months in new and used French Oak barrels, and matured in bottle for 6-8 months before release. Our wines are appreciated by our clients as approachable and drinkable now, but are built to last over time for future enjoyment. If you are reading this announcement you are among a select group of people who love wine and purchase premimum bottles.

And remember, it’s not about saving our wines for special occasions but the point is: not When to have a good bottle of wine but really, share it with.

All great wines have the following 5 characteristics shown in red on the right. The proportions may change from vintage to vintage. Each year is different because the weather is never the same from year to year. It’s the winemaker’s job to navigate through the components on the left to produce the characteristics on the right with balance and grace.

The mechanisms the winemaker uses to achieve this balance can be illustrated this way:

Balance comparison arrow

These are the elements Singer Cellars strives to achieve in its winemaking.

As you may or may not have known, Singer Cellars was fortunate to win 11 awards including a Double Gold and Gold Medals for its 2009 vintages. It was the first time we had ever submitted our wines to any competitions.

The 2010 vintage, which we present to you today, is the result of our continuing commitment of extraordinary craftmanship and attention to detail, combined with limited production, in order to maintain the superior quality you can taste.

We hope you agree, and thank you for you continuing support.

Know that we sell out quickly so please place your orders now, before there isn’t any left for you to enjoy.

Barry and Gretchen (Gigi) Singer